For The Family

Family consultations are an opportunity to understand and meet the nutritional needs of everyone in your family. You would complete a questionnaire designed to assess the health, eating habits and lifestyle of all your family members. Michelle will then come to your home and talk to you as a family about how to meet your nutritional needs through diet, lifestyle, cooking, exercise and nutritional supplements. You will be informed how to:

  • Balance intake of fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • Improve nutritional status
  • Address nutrient imbalances
  • Plan meals that involve the whole family
  • Support nutrient needs of children at various ages
  • Ensure adequate hydration
  • Support digestion and absorption of foods
  • Reduce risk factors for ill health

Your investment for a 2 hour family consultation and 1 hour follow-up consultation is £200.

Please call now on 07879 403321 or 01494 637747 to arrange your family’s nutrition consultation.


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