The Food Fight is a fun, educational children’s book about healthy foods (super heroes) and unhealthy foods (food villains), by Dr. Michelle Barrow.

Foods look ordinary on a plate but once eaten they have extra-ordinary super powers and abilities which relate to their nutritional values. The books works through the healthy food groups and explains their benefits (super powers) and promotes healthy food choices.
The book introduces children to food groups including:
  • Valuable vegetable Vikings
  • Fitness fruit family
  • Crunch salad crew
  • Super carbohydrate soldiers
  • Protein power posse
  • Strong bones brigade (dairy)
  • Fats have been allocates a super power – bulging brain boosters.
This book provides child appropriate nutrition information and education including:
  • Portion sizes and food groups
  • Roles of macronutrients
  • Introduction to micronutrients
  • The importance of a varied, natural, whole-food diet
  • The health benefits of phytonutrients and fibre
  • Trying new foods and the development of taste
  • Encouraging limited intakes of salt and sugar
  • Promotion of adequate chewing
  • Images of health foods and the healthy food plate

In October 2012 the Journal of Preventative Medicine published research demonstrating kids, across all age groups, eat twice as many fruit and vegetables when they are given fun superhero names (Wansink et al 2012). Attractive names sustain increased vegetable intake in schools.

This book is aimed at children aged 6-12 years and would be a valuable resource for primary school teachers. In 2013 Stanford University research demonstrated that teaching children the importance of healthy foods and why their bodies need s variety of foods drives kids to voluntarily eat more vegetables (Gripshover & Marksman 2013) The book comes with the CD-ROM of resources for teachers.

The book was written by Dr. Michelle Barrow, the illustrations were provided by Rosie Brooks.

You can purchase this book from Pavilion Publishing by clicking here.
For more information please call Michelle now on 07879 403321 or 01494 637747.